Treatment of Stretch Marks wIth Carbon DIoxIde FractIonal Laser


Treatment of Stretch Marks wIth Carbon DIoxIde FractIonal LaserStretch marks commonly appear during pregnancy, after a sudden change in your weight, or during adolescence. The stretch marks (striae), known as a hormonal problem, occur as a result of the fractionation of the collagen tissues and the damage of elastin fibers. The most important feature of the carbon dioxide fractional laser used in the treatment of stretch marks is the ability to influence the subcutaneous layers without harming the surface of the skin. Furthermore, it is known that the stretch marks are more common in women.

Pink or purple color of stretch marks in early phases becomes less visible by turning into gray. As the volume of subcutaneous adipose tissue is high in the hip, inner thighs, abdomen and breasts, the stretch marks are more prevalent in these body parts. Carbon dioxide fractional laser stimulates the natural skin rejuvenating mechanism of the body by damaging the epidermis (the skin surface) and dermis (the mid-layer), and begins the healing process.

Advantages of Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser:
• Minimal pain and ache.
• Shorter time to resume activities of daily life after the procedure.
• Tissue reaction is scarce, if any

This treatment can be combined with PRP, mesotherapy and needle radiofrequency. Treatment sessions that last for 20-30 minutes are performed at an interval of 4-6 weeks depending on the individual’s skin texture.