LASER EPILATIONLaser hair removal is a way of removing the undesired hair. Laser systems that provide energy in three different wavelengths are used all over the world. The laser therapy is easily performed for men and women and the success rate is high. In our clinic, different laser platforms are used for people with light skin color and dark hair and with dark skin color and thin hair as well as large body parts (legs, genital region, bikini, armpit, back of men, shoulder, chest etc.)

A laser beam should be precisely focused on the hair that contains melanin without damaging the surrounding tissue. Special cooling systems are available in our laser devices. The cooling procedure aims relieving the pain and minimizing the risks. Some patients may feel a slight stinging or burn when exposed to the beam. No local anesthesia is required. The hairs persisting after laser hair removal must not be removed with thread, tweezers, wax and epilator

If there is no underlying disease, the targeted result can be achieved in 4-6 sessions. The therapy process depends on the skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hair density of the person, but it requires 4-6 sessions for the body areas and 5-8 sessions for the face in average. Each session takes 5 minutes to 1.5 hour depending on the target area. For example, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for the nipple and the lips and approximately 1.5 hour for the entire leg. The duration is prolonged by drugs, hormonal disorders and similar conditions

The laser is preferably applied after hormonal functions are restored, but it can be started earlier due to the social indications. It is completely to the discretion of the doctor, and therefore, a correct decision is based on maximum effect – minimum complication (side effect) and existing health status. Laser therapy can be applied to all body parts.