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MEDICAL FOOT CARECare of our hands and feet that wear in daily life due to various reasons is of great importance in terms of both health and aesthetics. Medical care protects hands and feet against the negativities encountered in the daily life, and this care can also manage the problems that have already occurred. Medical care maintains both the aesthetic appearance and the health of hands and feet.

Care of the feet, which carry all the burden of the body, is highly important for human health. Therefore, care of the feet should be made by the podiatrists who deal with medical health of the feet that are in action throughout the day. It can be speculated that the dressing style – usually determined by the trends of the daily life and the social environment - affects the feet negatively. The firm sole, and the tight, pointy-toed and high-heel shoes, and improperly pedicure are some of the major problems for the medical disorders of the feet especially if the individual has a predisposition. Over time, various problems can be encountered such as bone and joint deformation, ingrown toenail, callus, wart, fungal infection of the nail or skin, and other disorders which depend on sweating. However, the feet can be protected against all these negativities through the medical care, and the disorders which already occurred can be treated through the care procedures in our day.