MEDICAL MASSAGERecently, the importance of the medical massage, which has wide range of use, is better understood. Medical massage can also enhance an individual’s quality of life and provide capability and psychological support. Reflex responses and mechanical benefits of medical massage combine to provide a general relaxation for the muscles, regulate blood circulation, reduce contractures around the muscles, enhance intramuscular fluid activity and soften the skin.

A Highly Effective Treatment for Cellulitis
Medical massage must be applied by massage therapy specialists. Massage therapies applied by the specialists are also effective in treatment of cellulitis. Cellulitis is a degenerated fat cell. As a result of the blood and lymphatic circulation problems, the fat cells become inflexible and cause appearance of orange peel. However, medical massage regulates the blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces edema.

A regular massage therapy:
• Relieves your rheumatic and post-exercise pains as well as your head, neck, back and low back pains,
• Regulates your blood circulation,
• Stimulates many nerves in your nervous system in a single session,
• Activates your immune system,
• Revitalizes your body energy,
• Helps to slow down your aging process and allows cellular regeneration,
• Relieves your stress,
• Keeps your muscles fit,
• Makes you energetic, calm and happy.