NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTOver the years, the skin loses its elasticity and produces fewer collagens due to the effect of gravity and weakened connective tissues. Therefore, wrinkles – the signs of aging - begin to appear on the face. These wrinkles make the face appear more tired, angry and sad. Non-surgical face lift is an ideal procedure for both women and men who want to achieve the previous appearance of their skin but do not want to undergo surgical procedures. The dynamic face lift is a safe and non-surgical treatment method, which is applied using the threads made of silicone and sheathed in polyester, used in order to repair the sagging skin and provide the face with a younger appearance.

After the procedure, the facial contours are determined, the cheekbones are highlighted, and the wrinkles are reduced. The threads do not have any effect on the muscles. Therefore, a natural result is achieved and the facial expression is not modified. As the production of collagen around the threads tightens the skin, the effects of the skin rejuvenation will be long lasting. Moreover, noticeable results of the rejuvenation are achieved immediately after the procedure.

Dynamic threads remove the deep wrinkles and tighten the skin. Thus, the look which causes the patient feels unhappy is eliminated. This safe, painless and easy procedure leaves no scar. As local anesthesia is administered, hospitalization is not necessary. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. The risk of infection is very low. After the procedure, you should take a rest for a few days and sleep face up. Sudden movements of the jaw and facial massage should be avoided. You should gently wash your face in upwards direction.