NUTRITION AND DIETNutritional habit is one of the most important factors that make people healthy and fit without the need for surgical procedures. People with correct eating habits are healthy individuals. Adequate and balanced nutrition strengthens the immune system against diseases, reduces health problems and help the individual to have a full recovery.

Nutrition and diet plans should be personalized in nature rather than a generalized modality. Nutrition is the basic factor for the desired body contours and being fit, and it is also a personalized process that should be planned in accordance with the individual’s medical condition, physical structure and lifestyle. Nutrition and diet plans yield the expected result when they are prepared based on all relevant factors such as the individual’s living conditions, physical qualities, age, height, weight, genotype as well as his/her current and previous diseases.

Generalized nutrition and diet plan is the main factor behind the failure of inability to lose weight by following uncontrolled diets and the inability to gain weight based on nutrition programs.

Habits that will become a lifestyle and allow the individual to be healthy can only be gained through professional nutrition and diet plans.

The importance of nutrition and diet for our body should be understood by healthy individuals and healthy societies, and nutrition and diet plans should be implemented in accordance with the instructions of a professional dietitian/team instead of secondhand methods.