OXYGEN THERAPYOxygen Therapy is a method that injects the pure oxygen into the deeper layer of the skin through oxygen pressure without using any needle. The ability of our skin to absorb oxygen weakens over time, and this condition reduces the ability of the skin to be rejuvenated and renewed. As the skin gets thin and dry, wrinkles and age spots begin to appear on the skin. However, oxygen therapy method provides the skin with a rejuvenated and healthy appearance.

When the pressure injection procedure is applied through Oxygen Therapy, the oxygen reaches the deeper layer of the epidermis in order to rejuvenate the worn cells. Thus, it enhances the blood circulation as well as it tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

During the pressure oxygen injection procedure applied without needle, lines and wrinkles seen especially on the forehead, eye contours and lip edges due to muscular movements are repaired. Furthermore, ‘collagen’ and other active substances in the content of the products tighten the skin and accelerate the circulation in order to repair the goosefeet and deep wrinkles. Oxygen therapy is an effective anti-aging procedure that is also successfully used in the treatment of acnes and skin blemishes.