PRESSOTHERAPYPressotherapy is a massage method applied through a pneumatic air suit that covers the body from the chest area to the feet. This air suit is operated by special programs based on the body dynamics. The method enhances the efficiency of the treatments that aim elimination of cellulite and edema that are encountered due to various diseases, and that also help regional weight loss, and body tightening.

The system is especially advantageous for excreting edema and toxins that lead to cellulite and regional fat deposits, and for regulating the circulatory system. The main underlying cause of cellulite is the impaired circulation. The pressurized massage helps the circulatory impairment, and the fluid accumulated in the tissues is drained. It is also employed for the treatment of hematoma and edema formed especially after surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Treatment Areas:
• Tightening the loose muscles and the sagging skin
• Treatment of postpartum varicose veins, edema (water accumulation) and sagging
• Weight problem
• Cellulite
• Isometric exercise
• Regulation of lymphatic circulation

When pressotherapy is combined with certain treatment methods such as carboxytherapy and mesotherapy, success rate of the treatment can be enhanced. If you drink averagely 1.5-2 liters of water per day, the result will be perfect. This device that provides a relaxing massage helps relieving the pain and pressure on the legs. The cellulites are eliminated, and the body is conditioned after 10 to 15 sessions of cure.