For us, the Quality Life means maintaining the health and the youth for a long time and welcoming every day happiness and joy. This lifestyle does not only depend on our genes and environmental factors, but it is also related with whether we want to practice it or not. In our clinic, we perform the procedures and treatments that boost the quality of life within the framework of science and medicine. Our aim is to gain a part in every one we meet, who are pleased with themselves and have good wellbeing according to their age.

In order to maintain quality of our life that is deteriorated by the aging and to provide everyone, who want to live quality and healthy life in all stages of the life, with scientific and medical support, optimal procedures are efficiently carried out in our clinic to maintain beauty of your body and face.

For the facial beauty;
Skin cares, acne treatment, peeling, Botox, treatment of wrinkles with Botox, smile design with Botox, treatment of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, filling, treatment of skin spots, focused ultrasound, ultra V lift, thread facelift, radiofrequency, needle radiofrequency, youth vaccine, moisture vaccine, PRP, oxygen therapy, salmon DNA, mesolifting, masks, hand rejuvenation, non-surgical eyelid reconstruction, scalp care, hair mesotherapy, hair treatment with stem cells.

For the body beauty;
Radiofrequency for cellulite, sagging, stretch marks and local fat depositions, Proshock ice lipolysis, ozone therapy, electrotherapy, nutrition and dietary counseling, infrasonic liposuction, pressotherapy, mesotherapy, capillary vessel treatment, focused ultrasound, laser hair removal (Alex, Alex Ndyag, Diode) genital area aesthetics and food intolerance tests.

These procedures will increase the quality of the existing structure of your body and face, protect your youth, and help you get an aesthetic look. I, our aestheticians and all my team would be glad to welcome you in our clinic.

Warm Regards,
Yasemin Savas, M.D.