RADIOFREQUENCY (THE TIME MACHINE-BRERA)In our day, there are many technological developments that provide the individuals, who want to have a younger appearance and continue their social activities but do not prefer to undergo any surgical procedure, with an opportunity to achieve noticeable results in a short time. One of the latest technological developments is the Time Machine – Brera that allows the body to rejuvenate. Brera is a patented and specially designed anti-aging system that combines the diathermy-based radiofrequency and the ultrasound technology.

The system contains a number of innovations that aim to increase the effectiveness of the applications and that are approved by the users. The Time Machine, Brera, is used to tighten and lift arms, legs, and waist. Offering efficient results that turn the clock back, the Time Machine, Brera, is used for the treatment of cellulite, regional slimming and lifting the arm, tummy and medial sides of legs.

Treatment of Cellulite
Cellulite is a disease characterized by increased count and volume of subcutaneous fat cells, decrease in the tone of the subcutaneous muscle and the impaired circulation in the subcutaneous tissues. Through the diathermy-based RF technology, the skin can be reshaped with the help of heat without harming the skin tissue. The deformed subcutaneous fat tissue is melted, and the blood circulation is regulated at the target zone. Moreover, the muscle structure that is damaged by the cellulite is treated by the diathermy contraction technology.

Regional Slimming
Brera has a specially designed focused cavitation system for regional slimming. Fat bursting effect allows the regional slimming. A high-power energy is delivered to stimulate the regional lymphatic tracts for excreting the broken up fat cells through the lymphatic circulation.

Lift Effect for Sagging Abdomen and Arms
Treatment of sagging with Brera not only melts the fat tissue but also regulates the subcutaneous blood circulation and induces synthesis of new collagen. It provides maximum lifting in arms and inner thighs, where the opportunity for surgical treatment is low.