STEM CELL THERAPY FOR HAIR LOSSStem cell therapy for hair loss is employed to induce the hair growth by regenerating stimulating the hair follicles through the stem cells and the connective tissue cells obtained from the person’s own hair follicle and skin tissue.

Hair loss in both women and men is usually seen in the upper parts of the scalp – namely, the forehead or the vertex. However, hair follicles on the back of the neck and in the area behind the ears are genetically coded to almost invariably remain resistant and healthy. Through this treatment method, the healthy and strong hair follicles in the area behind the ears are collected under local anesthesia at our clinic. Then, the specially prepared cell suspension is immediately injected into the hair loss areas of the scalp through fine needles.

As a result of the single-session procedure which lasts for 15-20 minutes in total, the positive effects of the stem cell support provided for your hair can be seen for 1 to 3 years. In the first month after the stem cell injection, the patients can begin to see the noticeable results such as revitalization and re-growth of the weakened hair follicles.