SALMON DNA (PI SYSTEM)This treatment method supports and strengthens the skin, and allows a deep skin hydration. It increases firmness, elasticity and brightness of the skin. Furthermore, it provides an effective skin rejuvenation and restructuring.

The person with a smooth, healthy-looking and brighter skin gets a wholly new glow. The results are seen immediately after the first session and they are further boosted after each session. This treatment is optimal for all skin types, and it is used for:

• Regulation of the skin texture
• Renewal, repair and rejuvenation of the face, neck-décolleté, hands and lips
• Brightening and restructuring the eye contours (elimination of swelling and dark circles)
• Treatment of the cracks that occur during pregnancy and as a result of weight gain and loss
• Treatment of hair loss secondary to hormonal changes
• Treatment of acne scars
• Treatment of sagging and cracks on the inner arms and knees