SKIN RESURFACING WITH DERMAPENThis method is preferred to reduce the signs of aging such as the enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and the smoking lines around the mouth and to make the skin appear tightened and fresher. Dermapen treatment alleviates the acne and chicken pox scars, stretch marks and the incision scars in addition to the skin rejuvenation. Moreover, it does not harm, peel or irritate the uppermost layer of the skin.

Dermapen is administered on the areas such as the face, hand, acne, spots, stretch marks, cellulite and the areas suffering from the tissue loss. The method is suitable for all skin types and might also be administered in the areas such as the neck and medial sides of the arms.

The advantages;
• Reduces the fine lines
• Tightens and stretches the tissue
• Reduces and even disappears the acne and other spots
• Removes stretch marks and sagging
• Quick recovery
• Safe application on the laser peeled skin
• Ability to perform on every type of skin and all body parts
• Stimulates the synthesis of collagen

Pure hyaluronic acid is administered on the area that will be treated with Dermapen. Microscopic channels are drilled on the skin surface by the ultra-thin needles of dermapen that punctures the skin vertically, and thus, healing mechanisms of the skin are stimulated. With the treatment lasting approximately 30-40 minutes, the skin starts producing "collagen" and "elastin" – substances essential for the tightness and elasticity of the skin- and the blood circulation is regulated.

It repairs and rejuvenates the tissues. New collagen production and neovascularization are achieved. Based on the growth factors and the restructuring of the intercellular matrix, the tissue damages are removed and fresh tissues are produced. When combined with mesotherapy and PRP, the success rate of the treatment further increases.