STANDARD SKIN CARESkin cleansing and care is very useful not only for aesthetics and health, but also for preventing future problems, such as wrinkles and deformation that emerge secondary to aging. Otherwise, UV rays, make-up, free radicals, smoking, stress, weather changes and wrong nutrition will negatively affect our skin and cause tired and pale look, although you are young.

The vividness, shine, and freshness of our skin are the most important health indicators. Therefore, it is very beneficial for every person to have skin care per month for cleaning, care, and protection, starting at age of 20. Selection of the right product for the skin care is very important and the clinical care should be planned in line with the needs and problems of the skin. Therefore, a comprehensive skin analysis should be made in advance to decide the product that will be used for the skin care. Thus, we make a decision about whether the skin is oily, dry, normal, mature or sensitive depending on the fat content, the moisture and the elasticity. Skin age may not always be directly proportional to your calendar age.

Skin care takes approximately 1-1.5 hours and involves cleaning, peeling, ozone, oxygen administration, rubbing the skin with the product, mask, radiofrequency and facial moisturizing. These procedures help cleansing the skin, opening the clogged pores, accelerating the blood circulation and making the skin fresh and vivid by moisture retaining and cell rejuvenating applications.

When the skin care is performed, it is necessary to use the right product regarding the age and the type of skin. Therefore, pimple, acne, spot and wrinkle cares are given by combining special products and treatments.