THE BEAUTY APPEARING WITH ICE: PROSCHOCK ICEThe regional fat deposition not only deforms the skin, but it also impairs the body silhouette. The regional slimming treatments are used to reduce the accumulation of fat in certain body parts such as abdomen, waist, and hip. Regional slimming devices are required to remove this type of fat accumulation due to the resistant membrane that surround the fat cells and the strong intercellular bonds.

Proschock-Ice is used for regional slimming, body fat reduction, and treatment of fibrous and edematous cellulite.

The Proshock-ice means “Freezing and Fragmenting” the accumulated fat; cryo lipolysis and acoustic wave therapy are combined. It is one of the newest technologies for fragmenting the regional fats, eliminating the deformity and correcting the body silhouette.

The ice-shock lipolysis is advantageous, as the undesired fats are frozen, while an adjunctive mechanism removes them from the body concomitantly. In the system, regional excessive fats are broken up by vacuum and cryo effects, and next, the shock waves ensures removal of the fat and lifting the target area.

Proshock-ice not only burns the fat, but it also lifts the target area in a single procedure. With special programs developed for cellulite, it alleviates the unpleasant orange peel look and provides the skin with a smoother appearance.

Proshock-ice is used in a wide area such as abdomen, waist, back, arms, hip and legs, where regional fat accumulation is common. A four- to eight-session program at 10-day intervals is recommended for such body parts, while one session takes approximately 45 minutes. For cellulite, approximately 4-6 sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes, at weekly intervals are sufficient. Results of the proshock-ice treatment are not same for all patients. Moreover, better results might be obtained when this method is combined with diet and physical exercise.

The advantages;
• Patients may continue the daily life immediately after the treatment.
• The patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the treatment.
• The cooling system only affects the fat cells. It does not affect and communicate with the surrounding tissue.
• It can be performed at the clinic without the need for operating room.
• Removal of regional fat deposits and alleviation of the cellulite will be apparent in two weeks.