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TREATMENT OF DRYNESS IN GENITAL AESTHETICSAesthetic genital surgery is carried out to tighten the vagina and increase the elasticity, reconstruct tissue collagens, treat insufficient vaginal discharge, manage urinary incontinence, prevent vaginal infection and inflammation, reduce vaginal dryness, rejuvenate vaginal tissue or to bleach or darken the skin of the genital region.

Aesthetic genital surgery is a painless, anesthesia-free and non-surgical treatment method which allows the patients to go home on the same day. Such treatment method ensures higher feeling of friction and contact during sexual intercourse, reduces the internal and external diameters of the vagina, and restores the natural anatomic look of the genital organs.

This treatment method helps women coping with vaginal dryness and recurrent infections by rejuvenating and renewing the vaginal tissue and increasing the lubrication. The treatment makes the immune system of the vagina stronger and more resistant to infections, and provides the vagina with an opportunity to regulate the pH better. As it is carried out in very short time and has minimum side effects, there is no need for resting after the procedure.