UNDER-EYE FILLERDark circles under the eyes are one of the major problems encountered due to the lack of substances that moisturize and tighten the skin. This unpleasant condition that leads to aesthetic concerns causes the patient look tired, older and sick. Under-Eye Filler is a procedure that is applied to the bones in order to remove the dark circles under our eyes.

Under-Eye Filler not only eliminates the collapsed skin, bruising and the brown circles, but it also manages your wrinkles and allows you look energetic, happy and young.

The target area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution, and local anesthesia is administered. Then, the volume is enhanced under the eyes through injection of the filler materials with a closed-end cannula. This pain-free procedure is carried out by experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The procedure lasts for 30 minutes in average.

Ideal Candidates for Under-Eye Filler:
Under-Eye Filler is an option for all men and women who are adult, non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding.