CARBON PEELINGCarbon Peeling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that combines the laser with carbon lotion

Because of all these effects, carbon peeling is used for:
• Skin resurfacing
• Acne treatment
• Fleck, sunspots
• Treatment of enlarged pores
• Bleaching the skin spots, efficient treatment of melanoma
• Regulating the skin sebum
• Anti-aging

The first step in carbon peeling is to cover the skin surface with carbon cream. Carbon cream provides the necessary energy to intensify at the maximum level on the surface of the skin. This carbon cream that is specially prepared depending on the specifications of the laser helps to peel off the superficial layer along with the carbon by vaporizing it with a sudden warming. The effect in this area is a superficial peeling process similar to the effect obtained by chemical peeling. However, the effect of photo-activation is also obtained – an effect created by laser to help the cellular regeneration. This contributes to the elasticity by triggering the collagen production in the skin. The short-lasting procedure takes 15 minutes and it does not affect the daily life routines.

Especially in the special mode that is used for the treatment of acne and large pores, the carbon solution is properly inserted into the pores with microsecond pulses and these points are targeted. Carbon peeling is a peeling modality that causes no side effect, is safe enough even for dark and sensitive skins, does not have a season limitation and creates results, which can be instantly noticed. Results expected in carbon peeling: smooth and shiny skin, immediate bleaching of many spots, and quick tightening of the pores. Afterwards, the spots will further bleach, the skin tightness intensifies, and the skin is lifted, as the collagen production increases.

Six to 10 sessions are required at 2-week intervals. The patient may resume the social life after the therapy. Only a slight tingling is felt during the treatment and the treatment is pain free. The skin will shine and gleam after the procedure.