CAVITATION ULTRASOUND EXIMIACavitation is the method of weight loss, local slimming and treatment of cellulite that burns the fats by delivering low-intensity ultrasonic sound waves to the target zone. It breaks up the fats and absorbs them with water; the cell wall is deteriorated and the discharging fat and fatty acids are excreted by the lymphatic drainage.

The principle of cavitation, a non-surgical fat dissolving method, is to melt the adipose tissues by ultrasound waves. There are many devices using this new technology, but a safe device with maximum effect is the point that matters. For the treatment of cellulite, good results are achieved in reducing the regional fat deposition and the sagging of the skin.

Multiple methods can be employed concomitantly in the ultrasound treatment!
Thanks to this technology, it is possible to use more than one method such as cavitation, endolift, lift and lymphatic drainage in the same session.

In all these aspects, if a regional change is requested, this comfortable, pain-free and non-invasive procedure can be combined with mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, radiofrequency, and cryolipolyis under supervision of a physician, when necessary. Cavitation is not a surgical method. It does not cause pain and ache. The person can resume the daily life immediately after the procedure.

Cavitation is carried out with an ultrasound device. In various clinical studies, it has been reported that ultrasound therapy (Eximia) thins the target area by 2 to 5 cm in a session that takes approximately 40 to 80 minutes. Five to 10 sessions should be preferred to maintain the thinning effect. Dark discoloration of urine is an expected condition after the treatment. This points to the excretion of fat from the kidneys and the liver.