COLLAGEN INJECTIONCollagen forms the main structure of skin. Collagen injection is a procedure which restructures the skin by providing it with elasticity and brightness and removing the wrinkles. In addition to collagen, other two fibers, called elastin and hyaluronic acid, have the same function. They help tightening the skin by boosting water retention and moisturizing.

Collagen injection:
• Removes your fine lines and wrinkles,
• Manages your acne scars,
• Increases elasticity of your skin,
• Repairs and refreshes your hands, neck and body,
• Restores beauty of your skin,
• Reduces visibility of your scars,
• Gives your cracks a better look.

What are the targeted areas for collagen injection?
• Face and neck
• Décolleté and breasts
• Abdomen and hip
• Upper arms and legs