COOLED RADIOFREQUENCYThe powerful cooling system of the cooled radiofrequency technology combined with infrared rays is a treatment method that does not require incision and does not cause incision scar.

The aging causes occurrence of facial expression lines, sagging and skin blemishes. Though expression lines and deep wrinkles can be corrected with botox injections and injectable fillers, the expected results cannot be always achieved with the treatments recommended to tighten the skin. The treatment methods used to tighten the skin are more effective on collagen and elastin fibers that provide the skin with a tight look. Vitamins injected into the subcutaneous tissues, laser procedures, dermaroller and radiofrequency methods that tighten the skin are the most effective and preferred procedures.

Cooled Radiofrequency is a pain-free treatment method that penetrates deeper into the skin layers. This method offers an effective remedy for the procedures applied to rejuvenate the face, tighten the skin, reduce the wrinkles, provide the skin with elasticity, treat the deep pores, and tighten the sagging jowl. The procedure lasts for 20-40 minutes in average.

The treatment is regulated in a series of weekly or biweekly sessions in accordance with the skin condition. Results of the skin rejuvenation seen after the first session are quite surprising. Cooled radiofrequency not only tightens the skin of elderly patients but also prevents and delays sagging and aging of the skin of young patients. This treatment is different from other treatment devices (cavitation etc.) used for cellulite and regional weight loss because it provides the patients with a faster recovery process and more treatment choices.

Cooled radiofrequency is a highly effective method for treatment of difficult parts of the body such as the jowl, neck, back as well as the arms and inner thighs. This method that is applied with pain-free and effective sessions through its cooled radiofrequency function (-5°C / -25°C), yields visible and permanent results after the first session.