CRYOLIPOLYSISRegional fat deposition is one of the enormous problems in our day. Irregular and unhealthy nutrition and sedentary lifestyle due to various reasons such as a desk job lead to weight problems. Regional fat deposition especially in the waist is one of the principal weight problems.

All the fat cells at the target body part crystallize by reacting identically to the coolness at a certain temperature. Thus, a regular and proportional body appearance is achieved through regional slimming as all the fat cells are eliminated in the region.

Cryolipolysis is an optimal treatment for both men and women of all ages whose body mass index is normal or slightly above normal ranges or who have an excess weight up to 10 kilograms or have persistent fat deposits that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercises in certain parts of the body such as the back, abdomen, hip, sides, arms, inner thighs, middle of the back, and inframammary folds.

The device enables suction of the fat cells through a special hand-piece by using vacuum massage and providing a controlled cooling. In this case, the waiting process that lasts for 1 hour in average causes the fat deposits to enter the apoptosis phase and leads to an irreversible loss of fat cell functions. Such dual effect allows the localized adipose tissues to be penetrated selectively, and reduces the localized adipose tissues permanently at the rate of 20-40% in one or two sessions. The treatment can be employed for all body parts where the tissues can be absorbed by the hand-piece.

This method can be applied in a safe environment except for the individuals with cold intolerance, the pregnant women and the breastfeeding mothers. Though mild redness, bruises and numbness may be seen due to the vacuum effect after the procedure, these side effects disappear within 24 hours in average. Cryolipolysis is an optimal treatment method especially for the patients who do not want to lose their time.