ELECTROTHERAPYElectrotherapy is one of the most effective methods used to shape the body, enhance the muscle tissue and achieve successful results in regional weight loss. The main function of electrotherapy is to stimulate and vitalize the skin and the subcutaneous muscle simultaneously, restructure the weakened and inactive muscles that have lost their structure due to insufficient blood circulation, and give the skin a rejuvenated and healthy look. Electrotherapy provides the individuals with an opportunity to have a fit and tighter body.

Muscles stimulated through the electric current have to take energy from the surrounding fat cells in order to contract in response to the external stimulus. The fat cells that give their energy to the muscles lose their volume, and the muscle mass also increases when the fats are burned as energy.

Advantages of Electrotherapy:
• Metabolic rate is increased.
• The muscle tone is enhanced.
• Weakened fibers and connective tissues are regenerated.
• Activity of the connective tissues is increased, and production of collagen and elastin is accelerated.
• Sagging parts of the chests, hip, inner thighs and abdomen are tightened.
• A tighter and healthier muscle structure is achieved.