EYE CONTOUR REJUVENATIONEye contour is the region where the first and most noticeable effects of aging are seen. Lifestyle and advanced age are the factors that underlie the certain changes at this body part. Under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and bruises in the eye contours appear depending on various reasons. All these signs cause the person look sleepless, unhappy and tired.

There are various modalities used to rejuvenate the eye contours. These are non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, eye mesotherapy, eye peel, under-eye filler, and treatment of under-eye fat deposition.

Furthermore, Botox therapy can be considered for the patients with severely dropped eyelids and eyebrows that cause sad and nervous look. As Botox injection enlarges the angle between the eyelid and the eyebrow, the facial expression is positively modified. The youth vaccine is reserved for persons with thin wrinkles around the eyes, who do not prefer the Botox procedure.