FILLER (HYALURONIC ACID TREATMENTS)Fillers are basically a substance called hyaluronic acid that is a natural substance in the cartilaginous tissue, skin, bone tissue and all other tissues. Hyaluronic acid resembles a brick of a building, and it helps retain water and moisturize the tissues. Vitality, brightness, moistness, color and tightness of the skin are the effects of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid begins to decrease in your twenties, and such effect increases after your thirties. Thus, water retention capacity of your skin is reduced as a result of the loss in moisture and elasticity, and your face begins to sag.

Hyaluronic acid has an ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, and enhances the volume and elasticity of the skin. It is the most frequently used filler as it can be applied easily and does not cause any allergic reaction. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is commonly used to treat the deep wrinkles on the skin. The procedure lasts for 15-30 minutes in average.

Common Treatment Areas of Hyaluronic Acid:
• Lip augmentation and highlighting the lip contours
• Removal of deep lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead
• Removal of the wrinkles around the mouth
• Filling the collapses between the lip and the jowl
• Correction of the asymmetries on the lips
• Treatment of the nasolabial sulci
• Facelift procedures
• Facial recontouring
• Non-surgical rhinoplasty (lifting and shaping the nose)
• Shaping the jowl