FOCUSED ULTRASOUND (ULTHERAPY)Focused ultrasound treatment is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation method that uses high intensity focused sound waves. Focused sound waves penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and allow the skin to have a rejuvenated look.

Face lift procedure, that yields successful results in a single session for 30-45 minutes, is a method that the ultrasound system used to monitor fetal growth lifts and tightens the skin by focusing on the connective tissues. As ultrasound waves stimulate collagen production and strengthen the connective tissues, you can have a tighter skin appearance.

The handpiece, that carries the ultrasound waves, is touched to the skin in order to allow the physician to monitor the skin and the subcutaneous layers. As focused ultrasound devices are more effective at a depth of 3-4.5 mm beneath the skin surface, these devices penetrate the deeper layers and give the skin a tighter appearance when compared to other laser and radiofrequency methods. Therefore, the individuals who do not want to have a surgery can prefer the focused ultrasound method.

Facial rejuvenation procedure with ultrasound can be applied to all patients who complain about sagging skin on and around the face. The skin begins to sag and lose its elasticity as the effect of collagen on the skin begins to reduce in the individuals between 40 and 65 years of age. As the sagging skin is more apparent in the 40-65 age group, more noticeable results can be achieved in this group through the relevant procedures.

Focused Ultrasound - Non-Surgical Face Lift procedure is applied to all facial sags and wrinkles such as:
• Crow’s Foot
• Sagging Jawline
• Sagging Eyelid
• Sagging Jowl
• Sagging Cheeks

In brief, this treatment method can be applied to all sags and wrinkles that occur on the face with increasing age.

Focused Ultrasound – Non-Surgical Face Lift is a procedure that varies by the treatment area. If it will be applied only to the eye contours, it will last for 20 minutes in average. On the other hand, it will last for 45 minutes in average if it will be applied to the face and the neck area. Through the focused ultrasound, it is possible to have a tight and rejuvenated skin appearance in a single session.

As Focused Ultrasound – Non-Surgical Face Lift is a procedure that is applied in a single session, the rejuvenation process begins immediately after the procedure. Every passing day following the procedure, more visible effects of the rejuvenation process on the skin can be seen by the patients.

The patients feel the effect of rejuvenation much better at the end of the first week after the non-surgical face lift procedure. Furthermore, tightening effects of the procedure begin to appear on the skin after a month, and the expected results can be achieved after three months. However, it may take averagely six months to see the final results depending on the skin type. The effects of rejuvenation can be seen on the skin during two years.

Though Focused Ultrasound – Non-Surgical Face Lift procedure may lead to redness on the skin, it is not permanent and does not leave any scar on the skin. After the procedure, an analgesic cream is applied to the skin

• Sunscreen and moisturizing cream should be applied to the skin after the procedure.
• Warm places such as shower cabin, bath or sauna should be avoided.
• The skin may be sensitive during the recovery process.
• It is recommended to sleep by keeping the head upward for a few days to prevent any increase in edema.

Focused ultrasound treatment does not cause any redness, peeling and formation of a scab on the skin. Therefore, the patient can return his/her business life and social activities immediately after the procedure. Furthermore, it is allowed to apply make-up after the procedure. Though the pain felt during the procedure varies from person to person, the patients define the pain felt during the procedure as a sensation of ‘’momentary pricking’’ or ‘’electrification’’ on the skin. Depending on the patients’ preferences, it is possible to prevent the pain and discomfort completely through a local anesthesia. Focused Ultrasound – Non-Surgical Face Lift procedure can be applied at any time because it does not cause any visible effect on the skin surface during the procedure. Unlike all other aesthetic procedures, it can be easily applied even in the summer months. Filler and Botox procedures applied after the focused ultrasound make the results more attractive and beautiful. Especially, the filler procedure applied to the cheekbones and the focused ultrasound procedure applied to the jaw line provide the facial skin with a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.