HAIR MESOTHERAPYIt is among the methods that help preventing the hair loss and make the hair healthier. Hair loss may occur in both women and men of all ages due to various reasons.

Hair mesotherapy aims recovering the dry hair, hair loss, dull and pale look, oil and scurf accumulation and the brittle hair, protecting the existing hair and nourishing the hair after the hair transplantation.

Hair analysis is made, and necessary tests are ordered to plan the most appropriate treatment. The number of sessions is determined considering the patient’s age, severity of hair loss, hair structure, and the extent the hair is worn. A mesotherapy gun or dermapen can be used or the procedure is carried out manually. A mixture of vitamins and minerals needed by the scalp is instilled into the subcutaneous tissues. The hair should not be washed, and any cream or oil should not be applied to the scalp after the procedure.

As hair mesotherapy directly targets the hair follicles, it stops the hair loss very substantially. The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes. It is an option for all women and men of all ages. Hair mesotherapy can be combined with the PRP treatment.