HAND REJUVENATIONOur hands are the main parts of the body that reveal out our age. Over time, the subcutaneous tissues on the dorsum of the hands begin to reduce, the skin gets thinner, the veins become more apparent, and the skin blemishes occur.

The aim of hand rejuvenation procedure is to supplement the volume of the subcutaneous tissues on the dorsum of the hands, enhance the quality of the weakened and worn skin, and remove the skin blemishes.

Filler procedures, as well as fat and stem cell injections are good options for the dorsum of the hands in order to fill the subcutaneous tissues. Furthermore, pure hyaluronic acid and PRP procedures should be considered in order to enhance the quality and to moisturize the skin.

After the fat injections, the patients are discharged to home on the same day. Though a mild edema or bruising may be seen after the procedure, it does not negatively affect the patients’ daily activities.