LASER TREATMENT FOR CAPILLARIESLaser beams affect the substance called oxyhemoglobin in the blood which runs through the capillary. Oxyhemoglobin which can be found intensively in the blood gets warmer through the laser effect. Heated and damaged veins disappear in time. The amount of blood and oxyhemoglobin is directly associated with the caliber of the vein. Therefore, laser treatments provide more noticeable results in the larger vessels in comparison with the thinner vessels.

The number of sessions to be applied for the treatment of capillaries depends on the type, thickness, location and reason of the capillary. Although the treatment of the facial capillaries can usually be eliminated at a single session, they may also require 4 to 6 sessions. On the other hand, the session interval should be at least 3 weeks in the treatment of the facial capillaries. The treatment results can be better seen after the second or the third session. The thickened vessels disappear easily. Though the capillaries on the dorsum of the nose can be easily affected by the laser beams, 3 or 4 sessions may be needed to completely disappear.

After the laser treatment for capillaries, potential side effects include redness on the face and a mild edema if the capillaries are diffuse. However, these side effects disappear in 12 hours without the need for intervention. On the other hand, the treatment does not cause any scar or wound. After the procedure, the patients should use a sun protection and wear a hat. Moreover, they should not stay under the sun in the mid day when the solar rays are extremely harmful.