LED LIGHT MASKLED Mask is a supportive treatment for all skin care procedures in accordance with the skin problem. This type of treatment can be preferred for the skin with acnes, blemishes and red spots, called couperosis. There is not any effect of heat or radiation whereas it has an intense anti-aging effect on the skin. This treatment reduces the wrinkles, tightens the sagging facial lines and provides the face with a voluminous look.

Red Light
The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin on the skin and accelerates the fibroblast activity. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the capillaries and increase the oxygen supply to the skin cells for the anti-aging effect by accelerating the cellular metabolism.

Blue Light
The blue light is used for the treatment of acnes, inflammatory pimples and oily skin. After the first skin care, it is evident that the acnes recover, the skin is relieved and the brightness of the skin is enhanced. The blue light is highly effective through its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and anti-aging effects on the skin, and it helps the skin to reduce its production of sebum, and it also kills the bacteria that cause the deep and clogged pores and the skin spots.

Green Light
The green light, which is highly useful in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, strengthens the capillary membranes, and relieves the redness on the skin due to the appearance of veins on the surface of the skin. It provides the skin with a brighter tone, and also moisturizes the skin and accelerates the wound healing process.