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MEDICAL HAND CARECare of our hands and feet that have worn in daily life due to various reasons is of great importance both in terms of health and aesthetics. Hands and feet can be protected from the negative effects of the routine daily life through medical care which maintains both the aesthetic look and health of hands and feet.

The skin and the nails require special care. Fingernails that are highly important both in terms of health and aesthetics may be the carrier of many diseases. Regular use of moisturizing cream every day for the hand care maintains the healthy and beautiful look and increases the durability of the hands against external factors such as hot, cold, sun, smoke, detergent, soap and so on. Furthermore, peeling at weekly intervals eliminates the dead tissues of the skin and rejuvenates the skin of hands and feet against the risk of spots that may be caused by aging or harmful solar rays. Using a sunscreen for the face in the summer is important in terms of protection against photoaging (aging of the skin caused by the sun exposure).

The nails also require a special care. Cutting the nails properly and trimming the skin around the nails without cutting them are very important in terms of both aesthetic look and health. An improper manicure can remove the skin that surrounds the nails deeply and thus, the viable part of the nail becomes more vulnerable to external factors and infection. In this case, the nail bed and the fingers become defenseless against all external factors. If the hand care is given by specialist, said skin is pushed backward rather than being cut. The particles left on the nail are removed using special tools. If the skin around the nails are not cut and removed deeply, the “claw” look caused by repeated manicure will be prevented. Medical hand care is necessary to eliminate such problems and to prevent the risk of recurrence.