NECK REJUVENATIONVarious mechanisms underlie the deformities that occur on the skin due to the aging. For instance, let’s consider the vertical bands that become more apparent over years and make the neck look older.

These are the gesture muscles that extend from the lower contour of the jaw to both sides of the neck. They become more visible or prominent as the person ages. Similar to knitting the eyebrows, contractions occur in those vertical muscles as the person ages, and they are usually unrecognized, because they appear only when talking.

As contraction of these muscles pulls down the lower half of the face, a sulky facial expression emerges and the aesthetic look of the neck is impaired. The easiest method to cope with such problems is the botox injection. Relaxation of these muscles using botulinum toxin is known as Nefertiti Lift. The Nefertiti Lift not only relaxes the muscles, but also makes the jaw contours more visible.