RADIOFREQUENCY (THE TIME MACHINE –BRERA)The time machine Brera is an anti-aging system that combines diathermy-based radiofrequency, diathermy contraction (repair of the facial muscles) and ultrasound technology.

The system contains a number of innovations that aim to increase the effectiveness of the applications and that are approved by the users. The primary aim of this system is to provide the skin with a healthier and younger look by stimulating the facial muscles through the vibration technology. The system is also advantageous, as the skin cleansing – the initial step recommended before the anti-aging procedures – is also performed by the system.


Ultrasonic Cleansing (Water Peel)
Brera uses water and high-frequency ultrasound waves to remove the dead cells on the skin surface, and this deep cleansing is a preparation for the subsequent procedures. Moreover, the contents used in order to regenerate the cells and prevent the formation of acnes in the skin care procedures can be instilled to the subcutaneous tissues through this ultrasonic method.

Diathermy-Based RF (Face Lift)
It works without causing heat on the skin surface. The high-intensity focused radiofrequency energy enhances the collagen production that gives the skin elasticity and moisture, and reshapes the oval configuration of the face that deforms over the years. The noticeable results can be achieved even after the first session in some patients.

Diathermy Contraction (Facial Lift)
Brera (Time Machine) shortens the length of muscle by stimulating the facial and body muscles through its patented RF technology. Thus, it repairs and tightens the muscle which is loose and thin due to aging.

Crown Needle Radiofrequency
Unlike the needle RF and gold needle technologies used in medical aesthetics and cosmetics for a long time, the crown needle system developed by Brera provides the patients with a less painful and more effective treatment process. Fine wrinkles, lines on the upper lip caused by smoking, goosefeet wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars can be treated more comfortably through this technology.