SKIN CARE WITH GREEN PEELGreen Peel is a completely herbal skin peeling method. It reduces the aging process of the skin and provides the skin with a rejuvenated and healthy look. Green Peel is an easy method that can be employed for all skin types.

Green Peel is applied for:
• Acne scar
• Hyperpigmentation
• Cracks and cellulite
• Scars
• Skins prone to aging
• Pale and porous skin
• Oil-prone skin with acne

The accelerated blood circulation allows more oxygen and beneficial active substances to penetrate to the skin. As the collagen synthesis is stimulated, the skin texture is improved and the wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Keratin layer on the epidermis is broken down, and the dead skin cells are peeled off.

Five to eight sessions are recommended for acne scars, while four to seven sessions are advised for anti-aging treatment (age of 50-60), and 2-3 sessions are optimal for new cracks.

If the procedure will be applied in the form of a cure, it should be applied at intervals of one month. However, it should be employed at intervals of six months, if it will be applied for the skin rejuvenation.

How long does the procedure take?
Skin Care with Green Peel lasts 30 minutes in average.