THULIUM (BABY FACE) CAREThulium Care is a skin care and rejuvenation procedure that allows the anti-aging products to reach the target skin layer through the thulium laser technology. Thulium laser beams drill micro-channels on the skin surface, and serum and vitamins are selected according to the patient’s needs and instilled to the skin.

It is a short-lasting and pain-free skin care method that offers solutions for fine wrinkles and sagging skin and that shines the skin, regulates the skin tone, reconstructs the skin for anti-aging purpose, provides décolleté care and rejuvenates the neck. Four sessions are recommended, although the number of sessions vary depending on the needs of the skin.

The procedure yields the visible results within a few days, and you can see that the effect of the procedure gradually increases on your skin as the process of repair and rejuvenation continues.

It is a care procedure that will be preferred especially by the individuals who want to see the results immediately and do not want to interrupt their busy work schedule and experience a recovery process.

This procedure:
• Minimizes the pores and tightens the skin
• Provides the skin with a bright and healthy look
• Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles
• Rejuvenates the skin by providing an anti-aging skin care
• Improves the skin blemishes and acne scars
• Provides the neck and décolleté with a rejuvenated look

Thulium care procedure lasts for 15-20 minutes.