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TREATMENT FOR FUNGAL INFECTION OF NAILThe fungal infection of nail that deforms the nails and even leads to malodour is frequently caused by the penetration of the skin fungus into the nails. Such penetration may cause a direct spread, whereas it can also infect the finger nails followed by other parts of the body due to scratching the area with nails. Frequency of the fungal infection of finger nails is 20 times more common than the frequency of the fungal infection of toe nails. Fungal infection is frequently seen on the big toe of the foot.

Fungal infection of the nail can lead to complaints such as cracking and thickening of the nail as well as floury disintegration in the nail margins, and it is usually the cause of the striae that vary in color and shape, discoloration and stratified dehiscence in the nail.

Fungal infection of nails may resemble the structural deformities of the nail as well as the symptoms of a trauma on the nail or toe or a different disease. As it progresses, the nail thickens and deforms. In some cases, the patient may feel a pain near the nail bed. The fungus may migrate to the root of the nail and become persistent or chronic.

Underlying causes of fungal infection of nail:
• Injury, pressure and trauma on the nail
• Wearing tight and pointy-toed shoes,
• Public areas such as change rooms, swimming pool and shower cabin,
• Use of the same shoes repeatedly
• Manicure and pedicure with non-sterile tools and in an unhygienic environment
• Walking on the ground in bare feet
• Humidity as a result of excessive sweating of the feet

In the treatment of fungal infection of nail, the thickened layer on the nail is removed through the devices at the foot health centers. Healthy nail tissue appears after removal of the thickened layer. The nail surface is covered with a special gel in order to protect both the healthy nail and aesthetically beautiful appearance. Care of the fungal area is made regularly by applying gel again. Through such procedure, the fungus that has migrated to the root of the nail can be removed permanently depending on the growth process of the nail.

The factors that may lead to the fungal infection should be eliminated, the feet should always be kept clean and dry, the toenails should be cut properly (straight across, oval-edged, and not too short), pedicure procedure should be performed at the foot health centers, and 100% cotton and clean socks should be preferred and frequently changed while sweating. Furthermore, the patient should attach particular importance to the hygiene, use slipper in the common use areas such as swimming pool, shower cabin and sauna, wear comfortable shoes, apply antifungal cream to the feet, and use preventive nail polish and powder for the nails.