TREATMENT OF BRUXISM WITH BOTOXBruxism is a condition characterized by unintentionally clenching, grinding and gnashing the teeth during sleep at night. As a result, the teeth wear off and cold sensitivity emerges. If you have a headache or myalgia due to overuse of the temporal and maxillary muscles, or encounter crackling and locking in the temporomandibular joint, they can be eliminated by ‘’Botulinum toxin’’ that is used in many fields of medicine.

Since the Botox injection minimizes the stress and reduces the masticatory forces, the relevant muscle is relaxed. The procedure does not damage the muscle, and the patient does not face any chewing problem. Botulinum toxin - a nutritional toxin that does not harm the body if it is not used at very high doses - does not damage any muscle or other tissues. It only inhibits the muscle contraction by blocking the signal that is necessary for the contraction.

It is possible to treat bruxism by injecting Botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle thanks to a novel method. Botox is injected to certain points of the masseter muscle under the jaw and it eliminates stress and excess masticatory forces on the relevant muscle. Thus, the muscle is relaxed and the bruxism and grinding of the teeth are resolved.