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TREATMENT OF CALLUSCallus, a thickened part of the skin, is one of the most common foot problems. The pain is caused by the compression of the nerves and the tissue rather than the superficial thickening of the skin. The callus usually takes “V” form in the deeper layers secondary to the defense mechanism of the body at the areas that are exposed to the severe compression. When the compression starts and continues, the body automatically begins thickening the skin surface in order to protect the deeper skin layers that produce new tissues and nerves as well as blood vessels. When such thickening of the skin intensifies due to exposure to any pressure by shoes or any other reason, the lower tissues are negatively affected and thus, the patient begins to feel pain.

Calluses may be seen on the dorsum of fingers/toes, webs, the sole, or on the plantar surface or posterior side of the heel. The risk of callus increases in people with genetically high plantar arc. People with in toeing and out toeing problems may face toe deformation over time, ultimately leading to callus formation. The callus problem is more common in the people who remain standing for many hours in daily life. Furthermore, tight and pointy-toed shoes may stimulate the formation of calluses. The impacts to the feet during certain sports increase the risk of callus. The calluses may rarely be seen beneath or on the margin of the nails.

The most important factor in preventing the formation of calluses is to eliminate the pressure. In the in toeing and out toeing, the use of shoes and slippers allows distributing the body weight equally on the sole and minimizing the callus formation. The most important point that should be considered in eliminating the existing callus or preventing the risk is whether the callus is completely removed at once. The best treatment approach shall be cleansing the callus site at regular intervals. On the other hand, the fact that the use of callus bandage is not sufficiently successful is caused by the expectation to treat the callus in a single session.