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TREATMENT OF INGROWN TOENAILIngrown toenails are one of the most common foot problems in the daily life. The deterioration of the toenail bed due to various reasons causes the loss of the natural structure and the growth shape of the toenail. Therefore, this leads to an ingrown toenail.

The reasons for the ingrown toenail are as follows:
• Trauma to the toenail due to hitting the foot, an impact on the toenail and stepping on the other foot,
• Excessive sweating of the foot,
• Wearing tight, pointed and extremely high heeled shoes repeatedly,
• Wearing tight-fitting socks,
• Fungal infection and thickening of the toenail,
• Foot and toe deformations,
• Pregnancy and similar weight gain,
• Clipping the toenails improperly (sharp or deep),
• Running too much during sports,
• Improper pedicure,
• Genetic predisposition,

Ingrown toenail reduces the quality of life and negatively affects the foot and toenail health. Removal of the ingrown toenail during the pedicure temporarily relieves the pain, but it also paves the way for the more complicated future problems. Recently, the healthiest way to get rid of the ingrown toenail is visiting a foot health and care center. In these centers, ingrown toenail cares, which are supported by natural growth process of the toenail, constitute a faster, precise and pain-free solution.

In order to prevent ingrown toenail or the recurrence, it is necessary to eliminate the risk factors that can lead to the ingrown toenail. The shoes should be carefully selected and the toenails should be clipped carefully and the foot should be protected from the impacts and traumas.