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VAGINAL BLEACHING TREATMENTGenital aesthetic procedures are carried out in order to tighten the vagina, enhance the elasticity, restructure the tissue collagens, increase the insufficient vaginal discharge, treat the urinary incontinence, prevent vaginal infection, reduce vaginal dryness, rejuvenate the vagina tissues, and bleach the color of the genital region. Since the elasticity of the vulvar skin and the vagina is lost due to delivery or aging, many women encounter urinary incontinence or sexual activity problems.

Genital aesthetic procedure is a non-surgical day procedure that is pain-free, and does not require anesthesia and stitching. Such treatment method ensures a higher feeling of friction and contact during sexual intercourse, reduces the internal and external diameters of the vagina, and provides genital look with its normal anatomical form.

External female genitalia appear darker due to pregnancy, use of contraceptive pills, cystic diseases, hormonal irregularities, elevated estrogen as well as some dermal diseases. Such hyperpigmentation may be more apparent especially after delivery and in patients with dark skin color. Even if there is not any reasonable etiology, genetic tendency and laser hair removal procedures applied for the genital region may also lead to hyperpigmentation. A part of hair removal methods may darken the skin tone of the genital region by increasing the production of ‘’melanin’’ pigment on the skin. Though hyperpigmentation does not lead to any physical problem, laser beams provide satisfactory results for people who request to achieve the previous form and aesthetic appearance in the genital region. Through the peel procedure with laser beams, the skin tone of the genital region can be bleached. Laser beams inactivate melanocytes that produce the melanin pigment which is found in dermis layer of the skin and is responsible for hyperpigmentation. The laser-assisted superficial peeling can bleach the skin tone of the genital region by 2 to 3 shades. The procedure is applied in a very short time, and minimum side effects are faced. Thus, the procedure does not require any recovery process.