VIBRATIONAL INFRASONIC LIPOSUCTIONJust consider a method for fat removal surgery, where the patients feels just tickling – pain and ache are not even considered -, while the plastic surgeon performs the procedure. And even under local anesthesia. Though very serious bruises were seen on the treatment area in the past, hardly visible bruises are encountered with this method.

Advantages of Vibrational Infrasonic Liposuction:
• This treatment method does not cause any trauma on the tissues and damage the connective tissue.
• As the movement of infrasonic liposuction causes release of endorphin (the hormone of happiness), the procedure is almost pain-free when compared to other procedures.
• It tightens the skin without the need for an additional procedure for the abdomen.
• After the procedure, the patients can resume the social life.
• The procedure is highly quick and comfortable.
• Recovery process after the procedure is extremely short.
• Redness, bruises and tissue reactions (infections) are rarely seen.
• It is a highly functional for certain body parts, such as the jowl, ankles and knees that pose high risk for liposuction procedures.
• The procedure can be performed easily by female surgeons, because it does not require any physical power in contrast to other procedures, if the correct technique is employed.
• It is a safe procedure.