WATER PEELING (ULTRASONIC PEEL)The treatment applied through water and sound waves removes the dead cells, excessive sebum, the air-borne contaminants, and other hazardous wastes, such as make-up and other substances, by using a low-frequency ultrasound device. This method does not interrupt the patient’s social life during the treatment.

Your fatty lumps and dark spots on the skin begin to disappear even after the first session.

The procedure that is applied with water does not harm the skin and immediately provides the skin with a bright and rejuvenated look.

The smooth skin also provides a better and high permeability.

Moisturizing, dehydration and lifting (face lift) procedures applied after the water peel are used to tighten the skin and prevent the loss of elasticity on the face, neck and décolleté.

The peel procedure gives the skin a perfect moisture, brightness and fresh look.

It is a treatment recommended before special occasions especially when a perfect skin appearance is needed in a short time.